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Troubleshooting with my IOTA

In the world of protocol analysis there are very few products that I find useful when it comes to reporting. Some products are too interested in the visuals but lack any real helpful substance.

For those of you who have attended my sessions know that I’m always trying to find better ways of reporting. My typical approach is to export a trace file or data, take it onto Excel or write a script to present data.

Today I read Profitap’s IOTA ( latest release notes and was curious to see how helpful the new reports would be. Of course, I got distracted by a device on my network going to dyndns and thought it would be helpful to investigate it. I do take a few seconds to show you the new TCP Analysis dashboard, but will dig in a more in another video.

As I said in the video, I do not sell or resell these products, I am just a customer.

Contact Profitap if you want more information and pricing.

We will be taking a peek at the IOTAin my 2 day class


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