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Baselining Session – Network Throughput

Here is another slide from our baselining series that we did the other week.  This one is going to focus on network throughput testing.  I use a couple laptops, and iperf3 software which you can get for free at

The key message and is to develop a methodology consistency so you can better test your equipment and your network.  I emphasize some sort of sample size; mine happens to be five to start with.  Obviously, the more samples you have the more accurate the values will be.

Even though I use iperf3 in this session, there are many other products that will do the same thing. I just wanted to get those who have never done this, started with something. 

Have fun folks.


Author Bio – Tony Fortunato, Network Performance Specialist

Tony Fortunato is a network performance expert who has been designing, implementing, and troubleshooting networks since 1989.

His company, The Technology Firm, provides clients of all sizes with services ranging from project management, network design, consulting, troubleshooting, custom-designed training courses, as well as assisting with equipment installation.

Tony has taught and presented at numerous colleges and universities, public forums, and hundreds of private classes.



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