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Multiple Macs and Network Flooding?

I always get requests to demonstrate everyday things that I do that may help you out.

If you ‘use’ your various tools, you are bound to develop skills and techniques that can not be taught in a classroom or in a YouTube video.

In this example, I noticed the network was a bit ‘laggy’ and simply started a Wireshark capture, and a conversation between my NVR and my camera filled my screen. This is very odd when you realize that I did not have a span port or tap in use.

When I took a closer look at the [packets, I noticed that the delta time was less than 1 ms, which would mathematically result in 1000 packets per second.

Since all the packets were unique, I knew this was NOT a loop of any kind, but why was this conversation getting flooded across my network.

In the video, you see that I verified that the Mac address the NVR was using was the camera’s Wi-Fi MAC but oddly enough the camera was still responding to the NVR using the wifi mac even though it was using the wired connection.

I show you the odd Wireshark trick, so enjoy, and don’t be afraid to capture a few packets.

FYI. went dyslexic with the Mac address at one point.  I’m sure you will out where.





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