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Chatgpt and Network Analysis

I firmly believe that network analysts should have that MacGyver-type work trait and know a bit about other disciplines like programming, wiring, server, desktop, etc. The key word here is ‘a bit’. I’m not asking you to go get certified in every IT discipline, just know enough to be aware of its benefits and high-level stuff.

Over the years I find myself writing code, snippets, batch files, and anything to automate or help me troubleshoot.

The other day I thought I would ask Chatgpt to provide a simple bit of Python code that I can use to measure TCP response time. I wanted a command line tool that I would provide the ip address, port number, and a number of tests. Within seconds, there it was.

I tested it, and it worked flawlessly. Then I thought I should take a trace and examine its behavior as well which I will save in the same folder as the Python script.


Tony Fortunato

Sr Network Performance Specialist

The Technology Firm

Getting things to work better - bit by bit-


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