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WiFi or LAN Traffic?

I was working with a client on their proposed new laptop build and they brought up the topic of WiFi vs Lan. For those who are not familiar, we were wondering how does the laptop behave if it is connected to the network via WiFi, and then you connect the ethernet port, docking station or similar dongle.

Since I know these guys for a while, we can be frank and candid. I told them “Listen guys, I don’t want to spend time looking into theories that you may have ‘heard, read about or the vendor told me.” My question was “Have you personally tested this out?” The short answer was “No”.

I then said “Great, lets quickly test for ourselves and get it over with.” This was met with the typical reasons why they don’t have the “Time to do this”, etc….. After about 2 minutes of listening to them argue amongst themselves, I interrupted and said “The time you spent avoid this, could have easily been spent testing.”. I explained that the test will only take a minute, maybe two.

In the following video I show you exactly how we did it and the odd Wireshark tip along the way.


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