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Quickview - Nirsoft WiFi Diagnostics

I am getting quite a few requests to show more WiFi tips, tricks and tools.

This is one from my "Network Troubleshooting Class"

I agree with many of you who reached out and said “The pay for tools is awesome, but sometimes I don’t have one with me. What other options are there”.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the free tools that I use.

In this video I give you a quick peek at Nirsoft’s WiFi Diagnostic Tool (

As I mention in the video, I am a big fan of Nirsoft since their tools are:

- Free

- No ads, so I encourage you to toss them a few bucks if you find their software helpful (

- Portable

- Small

- Very few issues

- When I told them about an issue, they had a fix out within a week and actually followed up with me

The other tool I briefly showed was Homedale ( , which I have covered in past articles .


Feel free to contact Tony for your training, analysis, and other networking needs through his website.

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