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iperf2 Bandwidth Option

Many of my regular readers have seen my videos and read my articles covering iperf and iperf3.

Well, last week I came across iperf2 and it has some really cool features that are lacking in iperf3. For a detailed list go to and of course there is a manual html page at

lastly, there is always the good old –-help (that’s a double dash) option to see all the options.

I thought I would focus on one of the options that I like , the bandwidth option -b which works with TCP and you can even combine it with the port option to change the default port number. You can also use kmgKMG or even pps (packets per second).

When i use -b, with iperf3 it doesnt work with anything less than 10M, so if I used -b 5 , it resulted in a 10 MB result

Enjoy folks



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