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Free Courses - NSA Funded Curriculum

From the website:

One of the goals of the National Security Agency (NSA) is to advance the state of cybersecurity. Building a cyber-skilled workforce is critical to the continued security of the Nation, across social, economic, and political domains. Towards this goal, the National Cybersecurity Curriculum Program aims to:

  1. Develop national cybersecurity curriculum that maps to the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework to be made publicly available for educational institutions preparing cybersecurity graduates for the future workforce.

  2. Establish and implement a dissemination plan that includes an annual Cyber Education Workshop to showcase curriculum and allow cybersecurity educators to convene and discuss strategies for building and sustaining curriculum in cybersecurity.

  3. Build a Cyber Cube that includes a dynamic library of cybersecurity curriculum and a community of cybersecurity educators committed to sustaining it.


Cool site with tons of software covering every Linux, Windows and Android. Categories include networking and worth checking out or searching.


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