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This is the only industry where failure is highly rewarded

Recent security breaches at Intel, Canon, Dave, YouTube, Instagram, SANS, Capital One, and dozens of others are exposing tens of millions of people personal information and other data represents a failure to secure our people, and our nation's digital assets.

Although these unabated intrusions are a major concern to all, these events serving nothing but a perpetual justification requesting the increase of the security departments budget while, committing only to mitigate risk. The business executives, the board of directors and agencies leaders are now demanding more accountability for years and billions of investments in security measures

I remember the warning I got two decades ago from my bank about things I needs to do protecting my account. After twenty years and billions invested in the security industry, I received the same warning yesterday.

So, what's going on?

The cybersecurity industry’s slogan; “the Internet can't be made truly secure but can only mitigate the risk” is a self-fulfilling prophecy which boxed in the whole industry.

Just look at this ever-growing monster. The industries in their relentless reactive Cyber Defense Strategy is in pursuit of the "enemy," are exponentially increasing complexity of that monster and perpetuating the failing strategy.

Every bit of change and addition will inherently increase exposure of fault lines, errors, and bugs to be discovered by others, essentially the “good guys and bad guys” employing each other forever.

Technically speaking the industry is following the concept of MANY-to-MANY data relationship model. What it means is; many data, images, and records are associated with many data, images, and records. Because all those elements are constantly variable, reconcile a moving target is a perpetual incomplete process data string. without an Anchor.

Consequently, the Internet access is surrendered to a string of binary codes that is easy to steel, copy, sell, and reuse.

Is there a solution to this madness? YES, THERE IS!

All roads lead to people and walked by people They are the ones who do all the right things as well as the bad things. The security needs to focus on the true validated person as the primary Anchor of activities.

The change agent.

ONE Person–ONE Passport-ONE Personal ID. So, it is essential to think outside of the proverbial Box and reimagine the ONE-to-MANY data relationship model where ONE person connected to MANY data, images, and records.

The industry professionals already know how to build a ONE-to-MANY data relationship model. What they don’t know yet, and rightfully concerned about is, how accurately can recognize a person to be a reliable unique Anchor of all data.

That is where we can help. Our Autonomous Gate Keeper software will allow only a live visually observable recognized and authenticated person to log in and be active only while present throughout the transaction, and in his/her absence instantly and automatically sign out. All digital streaming of impersonation and BEC attacks will be ignored.

Anonymity no more, to be known and be on the record will incriminate a nefarious person, disrupting external and internal unauthorized activity.

Effectively block outside threats by Hack-Proof the “front door” as the first step (of many more) leading to secure the Internet.

Read the White paper, click here

IDENTIFY August 2020
Download PDF • 477KB

Author - Author - immigrated from Hungary in 1972 with a technology background, but studying human behavioral science was always my passion. What are people’s natural response to changes particularly in revolutionary changes in technology? We are now living in the communication revolution era and people’s response to instant dissemination of expression and information. More on me on LinkedIn profile:

· Patent title: Touch activated controller and method Patent date Issued: Sep 9, 1980 Patent issuer and number: us 4221975


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