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Find your tools with Nmap *

Every network technician will have a sort of network tool that connects to the network. It can be a packet capture tool, like the IOTA I used in my example, a laptop, etc..

In some scenarios, you might send the tool out with a technician or ship it out to a remote site. If you’re lucky, you can preconfigure a static IP, gateway, etc, and connect to it remotely. But what if you have to rely on DHCP assigned address. If you have time you can work with the DHCP administrator and reserve an IP address, or look through the DHCP database for the device’s Mac address. In my experience, getting multiple departments coordinated to find an ip address can take a while, not to mention, what if it's after hours?

In this video, I use Nmap to locate my Profitap IOTA capture device. All I needed to know was a port number that it has ‘open’. In this case, TCP 3000. As I mention in the video, if you had more than one unit, you would need to know your device’s Mac address. Tip; to have Nmap return the Mac address, you need to be on the same VLAN as the target device. In our case, they had a support computer on that VLAN, but I have also used a remote client computer (with their permission).


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