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DHCP Causing Problems? *

I have gone on about equipment testing, verification, and validation since 2000 and was never surprised when I come across the same issue.

In this case, I have an old Linksys router configured as my lab router with WiFi and DHCP disabled. This router is connected to a backup link that is much slower than the main link for the office. Every so often, the router forgets its settings and DHCP wakes up. I immediately notice that the internet response isn’t as good, etc.

I always consider these scenarios a great opportunity to test my tools, knowledge and troubleshooting skills. Since I’m not a fan of rebooting, in this example I found by simply checking DHCP on/back off and saving the changes, the router remembers that DHCP is disabled.

As I mention in the video, I see this with a lot of consumer-grade equipment but must admit that I have seen this in enterprise-level equipment as well.



Tony Fortunato

Sr Network Performance Specialist

The Technology Firm

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