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Mercury Reader For When you Need To Read

I find myself constantly reading, referencing and searching for information for all sorts of reasons.

It can get hard to focus on the information when you have advertisements blinking and videos playing. Then then are those websites that provide good information but their download button downloads the entire document, not just the article you were reading.

This is where Mercury Reader comes in. This is a free Chrome extension that will render and reformat the page in a much easier to read format.

In this video I cover what happens if you try to use Mercury Reader on a page that does not have an article on it as well as when it works well. As I mentioned in the video, double check that Mercury Reader gets everything the first time you use it. After you render the page, you can print to your printers or to PDF if you want to save it for later reference.

You can find Mercury Reader on Google’s web store , or you can click here to go straight to it

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