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LMTV LIVE | How to Improve Compliance Activities for IT (with Keith Bromley and Timothy Jones)

There is a new LMTV event happening on April 11, 2018. Keith Bromley from Keysight Technologies (formerly Ixia) and Wayne Dixon from ForeScout will be talking about how to use network visibility to improve regulatory compliance. While regulatory compliance is an important activity for medium to large businesses, easy and cost-effective solutions can be difficult to find.

Network visibility is an often overlooked, but critically important activity, that can help lower costs and make life easier for IT personnel working on compliance requirements. Solutions like network packet brokers (NPBs) allow you mask sensitive data, perform packet slicing, implement lawful intercept, and discover rogue IT. Purpose-built compliance solutions can also use data filtered by NPBs to perform activities better and also allow IT to demonstrate their regulatory compliance in an easy manner.

Some key thoughts we will discuss during the event:

  • A Visibility Architecture is an end-to-end infrastructure which enables physical and virtual network, application, and security visibility. Instead of just adding components as you need them at sporadic intervals (i.e. crisis points), step back and take a larger view of where you are and what you want to achieve.

  • There are at least four specific areas where NPBs can help compliance activities for network monitoring to:

  • Provide masking of sensitive data. This includes data masking for one or more digits so that security and monitoring tools downstream don’t receive clear text data.

  • Remove the data packet payload with packet trimming. When packet header information is all you need, packet slicing allows you to eliminate the propagation of unnecessary and dangerous data within the payload of the packet.

  • Perform lawful intercept of data from specified IP addresses and VLANs.

  • Create regular expression search strings using application intelligence to enable better searches for specific data

  • There are at least two additional areas where NPBs can help a security architecture to:

  • Discover rogue IT (unauthorized applications and devices), which helps avoid policy and compliance issues.

  • Enforce IT policies, like detecting off-network storage and unapproved web-based email solutions, to identify exfiltration of data potential security risks.

  • Data from NPBs can also be fed to purpose-built compliance solutions like the ForeScout CounterACT solution to support demonstration of regulatory and endpoint compliance.

Join us for the fourth of several discussions to learn how to unleash the power of network visibility.

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