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Wireshark Interfaces and File List Tip has been asking for material that focus on knowing your network and/or knowing your tools.

Sounds pretty simple but trust me this is anything but simple or obvious. When you use the same tool and it becomes your ‘favorite’ or ‘go to tool’ you might be resistant to trying new tools.

Great example is back in the early 90’s when I was using Network General Sniffer products. I was getting very comfortable with it and was actually solving issues with no training. Through the years I heard of Lanalyzer, Capsa, Cinco, NetXRAY, Observer, Microsoft Network monitor, Protocol Inspector and of course Ethereal (aka Wireshark) as well as ton, I’ve probably forgotten.

I remember showing my Sniffer sales person Microsoft Network Analyzer and Ethereal explaining some if the features I liked. His response is “don’t waste your time on that free stuff”, followed up with “how good can it possibly be when its free”.

I soon figured out that every tool has its pluses and minuses and figuring out what works best for you is the toughest part. When you find that tool that you always reach for first, you need to take the time to learn all the nuances and what features new versions may bring – or break ;)

In this video I spend a few minutes showing you how to clear your ‘most recently used file list’ and how to hide network interfaces you won’t be using. Its important to note that hiding the interfaces does not delete, disable or affect them directly.

For example, if you hide your WiFi adapter in Wireshark, you can still use it to surf, ping, etc.. it will just be hidden from the available adapter list in Wireshark.



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