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Who wants to take this bad boy for a spin

Thias Radio Shack Model II computer had the Z80A processor running at 4MHz. It came with a whopping 32KB of Ram and a single sided 500k eight-inch floppy disc (single sided double density).

It was a tad over $6k. Of course, you had to get the daisy wheel printer (add in another $3k). It came with TRSDOS but had to purchase Scripsit (word processor) at $300 and Profile (database) $300 and then finding out that this was a CP/M based system and was able to use VisiCalc.

You could always expand this system with their additional 3 eight-inch drive expansion unit for around $3k. or you could have upgraded to either a Model 12 with DSDD (double sided double density) drives or the Model 16 running a whopping 6 MHz and a Motorola 68000 processor for around $5k. Later in 1983 came the Model 16B with 256 KB running Unix.


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