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Who is Your Most Important Target Audience/Prospects? By John Gumas

Who is Your Most Important Target Audience?

Who do you think your company’s most important target audience really is?

Your main prospects?

Your existing customers?

These answers are close. But perhaps your most important audience is typically a group that most companies ignore – your employees? Lots of companies spend a significant percentage of their revenue on marketing.

They develop well-thought-out ads designed to inspire prospects to call.

They produce beautiful brochures telling customers all about their great products and services.

They design slick websites that carry their branding and messaging strategies to the masses. Your employees are your first line of contact with customers and opportunities!

They possess the ability to either make or break your company. Yet how many of us actually spend the time to communicate our marketing and messaging strategy to our employees? Whether they are interacting with a new prospect or an existing customer, your employees must understand your company’s message, image, and branding strategy. And, more importantly, they must understand how to communicate these messages to your customers and prospects at the point of sale. Here’s a little test to see if your employees understand your company’s marketing strategy.

Author and Friend - John Gumas - A veteran of the advertising and interactive marketing industry, John founded GUMAS in 1984. Today, the award-winning firm is consistently named as one of the top branding and interactive marketing firms by the S.F. Business Times. John is recognized as one of the country’s foremost authorities on Challenger Brand Marketing®. He is the author of the popular book “Marketing Smart” which describes how challenger brands can develop marketing strategies to effectively take on their larger competitors. In addition, John is an adjunct professor of branding, advertising and interactive marketing, a sought after speaker and a regular columnist for several publications and blogs.



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