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Where is your data going?

I recently met a company that definitely has a way to protect your data.

The reality is that when we send our data out to Friends, co-workers..etc our data can go around the world and be picked up by strangers!

Remember Stranger - Danger?

Why do we allow our important data to roam the world in search of nothing and available for all to see, and use against us, our Companies..etc!

vulnerable in many ways.

So what if we could -

- Limit server DataTravel to the data center or organization perimeter.

- A way to Alarm and catch phishing / ransomware attempts before they occur.

- Build smart Logs providing cogent metrics improving security evidence.

-Visualize an active "Real-Time" map of exfiltration and attacker activities.

So I talked to the Founder and Patent holder - Bill Alderson.

I was shocked at the danger we allow for every frame that we send out!

We would not allow our children to go to town by themselves, why that do we allow all our information to wander the world.

We decided to do a video to explore this critical need that is almost completely overlooked.

A MUST SEE for every Network Data Security Professional.

Stop attacks and exfiltration of important information before the attacks start!

Please view this and you will be amazed at the value this new technology in protecting your and your companies data!



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