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Want to Learn How to Improve Your Network Security Defenses From a Hacker? (Keith Bromley)

Are you responsible for network security? If so, watch this free talk on May 26, 2021 with famous hacker Kevin Mitnick and Keith Bromley from Keysight Technologies to see where some of your security vulnerabilities are located.

Kevin was once one of the FBI's Most Wanted hackers because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge. He is now a trusted security consultant. In this video streaming event, Kevin will share tips and tricks with you from the perspective of a hacker.

Learn from an expert on how to avoid common individual security attacks and how to maximize security protections for your company’s network. Not only will Kevin talk about security tips and lessons learned, he’ll show you a live demonstration.

It is possible to have a secure network, you just need to understand what to focus on. Register for the event now. Don’t miss your chance to see a security attack through the eyes of a hacker.


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