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Video on Government Sector issues and solutions!

New Video illuminating Government Sector issues and solutions!

Current times are quite challenging for government networks.

Thousands of annual network cyber-attacks, Covid-19 changing the way that people work, and the need for digital modernization are just some of the challenges that government agencies face daily.

Keysight understands this. In fact, we have a new video that illustrates five key solution areas designed to assist government agencies.

These five areas include:

1. Network fortification – allows you maximum service continuity and uptime of network security defenses combined with complete network visibility.

2. Network modernization – improves services and mission outcomes by delivering state of the art technology allowing you to shift from reactivity to proactivity to solve problems as they happen.

3. Pre- and post-deployment breach simulation – empowers you to see the enemy, understand how the enemy works, and then stop the enemy.

4. Monitoring and testing solutions – test critical infrastructure and 5G networks to protect them.

5. The ability to perform lawfully authorized surveillance capabilities and Forensics.

Faster. Better. More reliable. More secure.

These are the key goals for all government networks.

See for yourself, how Keysight’s Government solutions can significantly enhance your agency’s security architecture!

Author - Keith Bromley is a senior product management and marketing professional at Ixia, a Keysight business, with over 25 years of high tech software and hardware experience. In his role, he is responsible for thought leadership, product management and marketing activities for network monitoring, network security, VoIP and unified communications (UC) for enterprise and carrier solutions. Keith is a E.E. and a dedicated technologist.



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