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Using A Printer for A WIFI Survey

Troubleshooting WiFi can be challenging enough without adding a remote variable to it.

There are times when I wish I could perform a remote Wifi survey. Some access points allow that feature, but rarely do I have access to the client’s access points, nor do I want access. You know, just in case something happens, I don’t want people thinking I was mucking around.

A simple solution is to physically go over with a wireless test tool like netAlly’s Aircheck G3 ( , our smartphone, or your laptop.

Things start to get tricky when the location is remote. That’s when you can rely on your access point, but be careful since some vendors will cut off all wireless clients while performing a wireless scan. Another option is to purchase wireless sensors that you can connect and perform a scan. And lastly, is to remote into someone’s laptop and check to see which wireless networks they hear.

One trick I like to use, when possible, is to determine if they have a wifi printer at the remote site, web into it (they rarely have passwords) and run the printer test/diagnostic feature. Most Wifi printers will also provide wireless information including all the SSID’s it hears.


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