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Troubleshoot your VPN! - Even while you are remote, at Home!

Free Webinar - How to Troubleshoot VPN issues remotely and securely!

  • Webinar Itinerary: - Introduction to issues - Importance of VPNs with everyone working at home - Importance of being able to troubleshoot problems remotely and securely, since you, the analyst are probably working from home as well - Ability to look back in time to address trouble tickets related to VPN traffic/issues - What protocols are we looking for? - Using the filters in the Secure and Remote Network access device (IOTA) to quickly visualize the VPN traffic - Drill into the time in question - Drill into the device or user in question - Download a trace for deeper review - Troubleshoot the problem finding the causatives - Using your access (Visibility) and IOTA to validate, record and prove that the users is able to connect - Questions

Apr 23, 2020 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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