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The importance of decryption amidst the rise of TLS 1.3 (Accedian podcast)

The importance of decryption amidst the rise of TLS 1.3

Today, we are seeing the majority of network traffic being encrypted. It’s at the point where unencrypted traffic will soon be considered an exception. In this special episode of Decrypted Chatter, our host, Mike Canney of Accedian, and Chris Greer, the Packet Pioneer, focus on the main “whys” of decryption. Why is visibility into encrypted traffic critical from a performance and security perspective? Why your analysis might be wrong if you’re not decrypting when troubleshooting.

Dig into the technical details of TLS 1.3, the importance of TLS decryption in enabling efficient network and application performance monitoring, its benefits, and how it helps protect your data from prying eyes, theft, or other threats.

But, all good things come with some challenges, too. Mike and Chris also discuss the roadblocks that can arise due to decryption, including application performance measurements, incident troubleshooting, and security management, along with what can be done to fix the issues.

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About Decrypted Chatter

Decrypted Chatter is aimed at taking complex technical topics and breaking them down into easy to understand concepts with the help of gurus from across the IT and cybersecurity ether. Topics range from cybersecurity, cyber resilience, network performance, performance troubleshooting, and everything in between.



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