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The Critical Use of Network Management

Network Critical - Network Management

Why do you need Network Management to keep your business healthy?

Network management describes the procedures, applications, and devices used to organize, operate, maintain, and protect network infrastructure. The main goal of network administration is to make sure your network infrastructure runs smoothly and effectively. As a result of having a healthy network, you can avoid costly disruptions, improve performance, and keep your network secure from emerging threats.

The challenges of maintaining an effective Network Management

Because network infrastructures can be complicated, maintaining efficient network management can be challenging. User demands for network availability and higher network speeds are increasing as technology advances. On top of that, security threats are becoming more sophisticated and numerous.

Furthermore, a large network consists of various tools, systems, and devices that must work together seamlessly. As your network grows, new systems and tools are needed, increasing potential points of failure for your business. High costs also come into play.

Although the difficulties associated with network management are numerous, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Simplify your network management with Network Critical

The landscape of network management is ever-changing, making security, performance, and configuration management essential in every network. However, traffic visibility is among the most critical elements of any network management system, because you can’t manage what you can’t see.

With Network Critical’s visibility solutions you can gain total intelligent access to 100% of your network's traffic, making sure you get the right traffic to the right tool. Also, with our network TAPs and Packet Brokers, you can future-proof your network architecture so your network can grow with your business.

On top of that, Network Critical’s Drag-n-Vu™ network management system offers reliable network mapping and network visualization capabilities. It intuitively helps establish and understand the logical data flow and connection between different data points, monitors, and network performance. With Drag-n-Vu™, the painstaking planning, computation, and detailed input requirements are removed. You now have complete control and visibility at your fingertips. Creating filters and mapping data to input and output ports is as easy as dragging the cursor over a graphical port representation and clicking.

Network Critical's Drag-n-Vu GUI

Keep your infrastructure sound and your business healthy.

For the network to function efficiently, day-to-day analytics and management require a comprehensive visibility approach. While many specialized tools are required to understand and protect network traffic, they must be implemented efficiently with the right management system. For more information, consult the experts at Network Critical.

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