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The benefits of moving analysis tools to the cloud

IT and cybersecurity departments use a number of different low-level tools when troubleshooting applications, investigating network issues, and performing incident response. Most of these tools are installed and run natively on workstations, or on the servers themselves where they are operated via shell commands or report to standard outputs. These tools include packet capture and analysis tools like Wireshark, plus intrusion detection or network monitoring tools like Suricata or Zeek.

Tools like these are critical to IT and cybersecurity efforts, and are much more useful when properly incorporated into an enterprise’s overall cloud infrastructure. This article outlines some of the benefits of using cloud native analysis tools as part of your overall cloud strategy, for example:

  • How putting analysis tools in the cloud gives huge efficiency gains for enterprises

  • How cloud-based analysis tools help IT and security teams standardize their operational practices

  • How cloud-based analysis tools increase opportunities for outsourcing/using a managed provider


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