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Skip the Preamble- Mike and Dynatrace

Most importantly… check out the beginning of the video to see what my T-shirt says that my wife made.

Had Mike Taylor, Systems Engineer for Dynatrace join me today to chat about things like; What the heck is a ‘APM’? What does Dynatrace do? How much packet analysis, application or server experience do you need?

Mike summed it up pretty good;

So What KPI's do you use? Visually Complete, Speed Index, Page Load? Are you reducing calls to third party resources (ads, analytics, content)? Have you reduced the calls to first party resources (origin), are java script errors being addressed? This video provides a walkthrough of what one Canadian news site did to improve the end user experience page load times from 30 seconds to 6 seconds.

Dynatrace is providing new users with extended, Free Trial acces

s to the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform through May 19, 2020.

In addition, new users and existing customers will receive free access to the Dynatrace Real User Monitoring (RUM) for SaaS vendor experience, via the browser extension, through September 19, 2020.

If an extension beyond the above dates is needed The Free Trial extension is available for any free trial user who requests it by reaching out to


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