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Seven Secrets to Getting Your e-Newsletters Opened and Read *

Email newsletters are a powerful form of direct marketing. Your customers want information, as long as it’s relevant and it directly benefits them. But having relevant information doesn’t always guarantee that your e-newsletters will get opened and read. To enhance your success, we use the following strategies when we conduct our online initiatives.

1. Get to the point: You only have 2-3 seconds to catch their attention. Always provide relevant information that your target wants and avoid the “fluff.”

2. Keep it short: Keep your wording as short as you can. We recommend no more than 15-20 percent of the copy you would include in a traditional printed newsletter. Set a maximum word count and try to stick to that with each issue.

3. Be conversational: Your e-newsletter should be an extension of your brand. If your brand is formal, write in a formal style. If your brand is casual, make it casual.

4. Use bullets and lists: E-newsletters are unique in that the reader wants the info fast. Instead of long sentences, try bullets or lists to convey your points. This is a vehicle of “sound bytes.”

5. Choose your topics carefully: If done right, your e-newsletter will be forwarded to others outside of your main list. So don’t say anything you don’t want the world to see. Otherwise, you can easily alienate the very customers you are trying to reach.

6. Use proven layout strategies: Typically, e-newsletter readers like to scan first and then go back and read. So make sure that you break up your copy with bullet points, illustrations, photos or graphs and make sure to have plenty of white space.

7. It’s not about you: Be sure to spend less time selling your products and more time providing useful information to your readers. We have found that the more useful your information, the more product you will sell.

When done right, e-newsletters can be a very powerful way to stay in front of your customers and position your company as a market expert. If you are considering developing an e-newsletter, be sure to incorporate our seven secrets for maximum success.


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