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Real-Time Network Visibility Improves Data Protection Policies.

Is well known that organizations need security and monitoring tools to detect potential threats and immediately alert the security team on suspicious activity that could indicate a data theft attempt. However, to do it effectively, network visibility solutions are needed to analyze the traffic in real-time.

A TAP (Test Access Point), also referred to as an Ethernet or network TAP, is a straightforward device that copies every bit of traffic that moves between two network endpoints. This dependable technology supports inline security technologies including web application firewalls (WAF), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and advanced threats protection (ATP). When deploying these devices, it is essential to make sure that traffic keeps flowing even if the devices are offline in order to maintain access to the crucial business services.

Therefore, Inline Bypass TAP is the first layer of defense needed to protect your network against attacks. Supporting failsafe technology and heartbeat functionality, Network Critical’s Bypass TAPs will provide complete visibility into the network traffic and optimize your traffic analysis and security tool performance. You can now, remove single points of tool failure by providing multiple layers of resiliency with the Bypass Technology. Network Critical’s V-Line TAP can be deployed in different modes that adjust to the company’s needs. Read more at

Companies of all sizes can safeguard their data by continuously monitoring traffic as it passes through the network. Security leaders can use these insights to effectively handle sensitive data and get ready for new and emerging compliance standards.

We all rely on vast volumes of personal information to secure the success of our consumers and companies, whether we are a retailer, financial institutions, utility, government organizations, or manufacturers. The first step in protecting your sensitive data, and treating it accordingly is knowing where it is, where it comes from, and where it is going.

Learn more about network traffic visibility at and become an expert on your network!

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