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Quick Cabling Tip

Installing and troubleshooting layer 1 is a big part of my job.

I cant tell you how many issues I resolved by simply “getting off my butt”, going for a walk (when possible) and discovering the root cause is at layer 1.

I’ve seen a ton of variations at layer 1. Here is an excerpt of what I’ve seen; dirty fiber, ethernet copper cable wrapped around a MIG welder, ethernet copper cable wrapped around a generator, fiber pinched in a door, female to female coupler coming apart, cable resting on a heater, cabling chewed through by a rodent, poor grounding on outdoor installs, cheap old cables falling apart, bashed in face plates and improperly punched down patch panels.

In this video I show you what took down a wireless access point – chewed cable. Please make sure you protect your cabling with a conduit or whatever is appropriate for the installation environment.



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