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Next Generation Autonomous Control - Dynamic Artificial Intelligence DAI

Real-time autonomous control for distributed and edge devices using a hybrid of real-time Neural Networks, Inference Engines, and Evolutionary Computational Structures. Abstract

Dynamic Artificial Intelligence (DAI™) is a new technology originated by Xtensor Systems to develop and integrate next-generation autonomous systems. DAI™ enables real-time control of distributed edge devices, remote locations, and distributed equipment without the need for a centralized control system or cloud data sets. DAI™ creates secure Autonomous applications that respond dynamically to changing local conditions. The system provides Autonomy by switching from one neural net or inference engine configuration to another in real-time.

What is Autonomous Control?

Autonomous control solutions include products, systems, and services that respond autonomously with specific actions without human interaction. In general, they are a combination of proprietary automation, control, sensing, and AI technologies. The technology utilization is still early-stage with initial applications including military vehicles (land/sea/undersea/air) and commercial vertical solutions (automobile, robotics, and more). Autonomy promises to create better, faster, and cheaper commercial solutions.

What is Missing from Current Autonomous Solutions?

Before Autonomous solutions can takeoff commercially, several issues need resolution:


AI requires expertise to design and build integrated solutions

AI Complexity

Limited AI expertise in the market – early-stage market

Real-time Capabilities

Edge solutions require local real-time response

Distributed Functionality

Complex integration when distributing functionality


Data, communications, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Long Lead Times

Long lead times until solutions are fully functional

Adds, Moves, Changes

Variability requires constant solution modifications

What is Dynamic Artificial Intelligence

Dynamic Artificial Intelligence™ (DAI™) is Xtensor’s patented autonomous control software that powers the next generation of secure, highly intelligent Edge devices, products, systems, and services. It is a complementary technology designed to integrate control solutions with management solutions more quickly. DAI™ technology brings high-performance and high scalability to distributed applications without producing heavy network traffic. DAI™ pre-optimizes system processes with minimal human intervention. DAI™ can be reconfigured, updated, and upgraded remotely for servicing and support. DAI™ proactively responds to problems and threats in 10 milliseconds. Complex Edge challenges can be resolved automatically in less than one second instead of hours or days using existing solutions.

Why DAI™?

DAI™ introduces new Autonomous capabilities into the changing control and management markets. DAI™ is a flexible platform that can migrate existing solutions into the future. It can help transform existing products, systems, and services into leading-edge, fully Autonomous solutions.

DAI Features and Benefits

DAI™ Next-generation Autonomous Control Software provides the following advantages: Autonomous optimization

Fast setup, improved support, optimized field service

Autonomous reconfiguration

Faster local response and problem resolution

Rapid customization

Meet exact local needs, maximize uptime

System-wide encryption

System-wide end-to-end security

Stealth mode operations

Secure operations and system management

Easy 3rd party integration

Fast time-to-market, cost-effective solution

Automated 24/7 operations

Fast payback, improved customer satisfaction

What makes DAI™ New?

DAI™ provides 24/7 autonomous solutions, including:

End-to-end security

Secure encrypted data and end-to-end communications

Simple API

Solutions delivered faster, reduced staffing requirements

Distributed edge solutions

Proactive edge devices and services

Solution flexibility

Proactive distributed control

Scalable solutions

Encrypted global 24/7 solutions


Cost-effective heterogeneous environment integration

Predictive abilities

Proactive problem detection

Easy localization

User interface localized to local requirements

How will DAI™ help you?

For example, DAI can help you develop and integrate the following types of Autonomous solutions:

· Upgrade existing process control solutions to proactive AI-enabled systems

· Integrate remote site management

· Implement complex automation to mimic human expertise

· Implement 24/7 global autonomous management solutions

· Integrate control closet equipment management into network management

· Integrate remote equipment management with control solutions

· Integrate physical security into network management

· Autonomous operations without network connections and in intermittent environments

· Integrate control solutions with management solutions

· Integrate heterogeneous equipment management with management solutions

· Integrate edge equipment management with management solutions

· Integrate edge solutions into network management solutions


DAI™ introduces new Autonomous capabilities into the changing control markets. DAI™ is a flexible platform that can help you migrate your existing solutions into the future. Xtensor Systems is looking for partners who want to realize a better future. To succeed, we want to work with you to solve big problems. We are looking for good long-term projects and technical input from industry leaders and visionaries who want to create next-gen Autonomous solutions sooner rather than later. We can help transform existing products, systems, and services into leading-edge, fully Autonomous solutions.

Written by John Lenko, CEO of Xtensor Systems. Xtensor is working on leading-edge autonomy solutions with PhDs from NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Autonomy Research Center (Cal State Northridge), and more. As a result, Xtensor has developed a fast, easy, and low-cost way to build next-gen autonomous solutions. These systems run, correct, and adjust themselves without needing an army of subject matter experts.

Mr. Lenko has extensive software, hardware, network management, local area network, wide area network, and service industry expertise. His work includes industry-first products and services for Spirent Communications (Netcom Systems), Network General Corporation, and British Telecom. He specializes in developing new products and markets and growing start-up opportunities into highly profitable businesses.

Mr. Lenko received his Undergraduate degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Xtensor Systems provides an integrated development, simulation, testing, and deployment platform for next-gen fully autonomous solutions. Our customers include researchers developing Autonomous next-gen technologies, HW/SW developers developing fully Autonomous solutions, vendors trying to integrate Autonomy into their distributed infrastructure solutions, and vendors needing real-time process control.

Our partners include heavy technical experience in (1) autonomous robotics, (2) computer vision, (3) aerial platform navigation, (4) artificial intelligence, (5) embedded systems, (6) software development, and (7) unmanned aircraft integration.

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