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New Videos Give IT’s Job A Humorous Touch

Author – Keith Bromley

Need a chuckle along with some valuable information that could make your IT jobs easier? Then look no further and check out these two videos:

Both videos illustrate current IT problems. The first problem refers to about complex it has become to test your network. Validation is a critical function as it lets us find out the truth about our network and how well it is, or is not, functioning. The good news is that there are applications available that make this effort much easier now.

The second video provides an example of how important “up-front” security can be to your application launches. We all know how important security is but it adds a lot of complexity, or so people say. The addition of a network packet broker changes this but offloading data chaining, load balancing, high availability, redundancy, self-healing functionality, etc. to a purpose-built box that can do all of that and more for you.

Faster. Easier. More reliable. More secure. These are the key goals for all enterprise networks. See for yourself, how Keysight’s solutions can significantly enhance your company’s security architecture!


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