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“Network Packet Broker Filter Challenge” Win some $$

Hello everyone and welcome to Keysight’s

“Network Packet Broker Filter Challenge”

Win $$

We would like to invite you The Network Guru’s to share your ideas on how to create useful data filters within a packet broker to be a super successful Network Performance, Application and or Security Managers.

We will be providing monetary rewards for your best ideas.

We all know the basics, you send data into a packet broker and then use Layer 2 to layer 7 properties to sort or delete uninteresting data. The interesting data, or filtered data, is then forwarded on to a specific visualization tool – protocol analyzer, network or application performance monitor, intrusion prevention system, intrusion detection system, threat hunting application, data loss prevention device, etc.

Now if you are lucky enough to have a packet broker that can handle up to and including layer 7 – WOW! Just think of all the Very Cool filters you can create to watch over your network!

So let’s get creative and win some Money (USD)!

What we want to do here is to collect the knowledge of how to use different filters to protect against different types of advanced security threats and performance recognition variances.

For instance, how can you use a packet broker to see aberrant behavior on your network?

~What about detecting ARP’s or ARP Storms?

- Sequential attempts indicates a scanner

- Device/s misconfigured?

~Too many Syn / Acks over a set period of time?

~Is there an IP address that does not belong in my network?

~Icmp dest/host unreachable

~TCP win zero with no rst

~Telnet attempts into my network – Where?

Many more capabilities up to Layer 7!

Once we collect your great ideas! We will publish these in a whitepaper so that other IT personnel can learn from your ideas!

Do Not let your packet broker go underused! One statistic says that over 70% of packet Brokers never have new filters added from the original programming!

The week of November 15 we will announce the winners!

There will be three (3) $100.00 winners and three (3) $200.00 winners!

The prizes will be for the most overall creative filters, best security-related and the most performance-related impactful filters.

To make a submission, email and give us your name, email, physical mail address, your filter idea and Company Name (if desired). Incomplete submissions cannot be counted.

Take this challenge and help out your fellow Network Experts! All winning filters will be published on the website in upcoming articles.

So, are you going to be a winner? Join this fun challenge and help enhance Packet Broker capabilities!

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** Note Disclaimer – all submissions become the property of Keysight and can be used and published at will! You can choose for us to not use your name or company in your submission email!


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