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NetAlly Linkrunner G2 Software Update

The scenario plays out pretty well the same way… Working with a client and they go get a ‘tool’ to troubleshoot something with me.

They retrieve the tool and realize that the person who purchased and used it the most no longer works there. No problem, I know how to use it.

First issue; battery is dead. No worries, lets plug it in while we get organized. I suggest that if the batteries for your tools have removable batteries, remove them when storing the tool. Depending on the design of the tool and case, the power button might get pressed. In other scenarios, I’ve seen the tool, left powered on and put back in the case.

Great, the charger isn’t in the case. So now the power adapter easter egg hunt commences. An obvious tip, keep the power adapter with the unit. We did find it in another case. Apparently, one of the adapters got lost so they were reusing this one with multiple tools.

Now that the device is charging, let's check the version of the software to ensure its up to date. This requires us to log in to the vendor's website. Of course, no one knows the login information because the fellow who left was responsible for the tool. A quick password recovery effort and we’re ready to go.

That’s where this video comes in. I thought it would be helpful to document how to update the NetAlly LinkRunner G2’s software since some tools have a different procedure.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say that the NetAlly upgrade process was a solid 9. The only criticism I would provide is that it would be helpful if the tool simply notified the user that a current version is available so you don’t have to manually check.

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