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Modern IT Architecture - Trends & Challenges

Network architects are moving into hybrid environments, scalable technologies, and cloud networks. But when an organization needs to upgrade its networks, add new security or monitoring tools, or move to the cloud, they face a number of security and performance challenges.

As covered in earlier blogs, a strong foundation of visibility is needed for your network in order for it to expand with your company without increasing threats and performance issues. When migrating to the cloud or preparing your network architecture for future growth, visibility fabrics and deep observability pipelines should be taken into account early on. They are essential for maintaining consistent and complete visibility throughout a hybrid environment.

Alastair Hartrup, CEO at Network Critical says, “applying visibility at the network packet level can help keep your budget in line without compromising the protection provided by security appliances. They can also provide the scale necessary to grow without going off-budget. In both budgeting and design, diligent planning and disciplined execution can save, not cost.”

Network Critical’s SmartNA™ range of hybrid TAPs & Packet Brokers can provide features like aggregation, filtering, and load-balancing of all data in real time. Simplifying network management by getting the right data into to correct tool, improving performance, and reducing costs.

Network Critical's deployment

The SmarNA™ range (1/10/40/100G & 400G) not only covers the fundamental packet capture and filtering but also meets the growing demand for hybrid environments. Many packet manipulation functionalities, including stripping, slicing, and masking the data, are supported by Network Critical's products in order to comply with privacy regulations such as HIPPA, SOX, and GDPR in the EU. Additionally, SmartNA-XL™ features GRE encapsulation to monitor your multi-site networks from a centralized location.

To learn more about IT architecture trends and how to stay ahead of this ever-changing technology, contact the team of experts at

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