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Microsoft Command line and Wireshark utilities

I get quite a few emails expressing frustration and confusion when people try some of the Windows Wireshark command line utilities like tshark, dumpcap and editcap to mention a few.

The main issue is that many times the Wireshark application folder is not in your path. There are many ways to get around it like

- Change drive and directory to the Wireshark application folder from within the command prompt

- The use full application path for the wireshark utility you are trying to run (ie c:\program files\Wireshark\tshark -D)

- Add the Wireshark application fold to your path – which is the one I will cover in the video

I prefer adding Wireshark to the path so I can type the command from any folder, anytime without having to worry about which folder I’m in as well as typing the fill path with the command.

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