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May 9th - Cyber Disciplines for Non-Tech. Free as Pros Give back to their Communities

Tech professionals give back through this Free Community Service Event offered by AustinCyber.Show.

A variety of sessions designed specifically for Youth, Senior Citizens and Non-Tech Careers will be offered in English and Spanish. Participants will be engaged in interactive discussions to develop a basic understanding of cyber security and will take away tips with real world applications. Great handouts will stay with attendees to help Non-tech community members improve their security posture. Everyone is welcome to participate. Watch weekly as more sessions, speakers and sponsors are added.

Over 40 Sessions are described on the above links. Preregistration ensures you have access to the event.

Once registered you will find relevant topics and experienced speakers a few highlights below:

  • End User Cyber Sessions by: The New York Times, Draeger Medical, Brinks, SoftBank and 30 more. Hosted by Concordia University, Industry Sponsors: Keysight, NetScout, ExtraHop, HOPZERO, Security Institute and Cloud Ranger Cyber - combined revenues over $6 billion.

  • Keynote Speaker May 9: Teresa Smetzer, Intelligence Analyst - Unbiased Intellectual Distinction between Mis-information and Dis-Information

  • Keynote Speaker May 10: Col David Wills, USSTRATCOM, Joint Chiefs, USCENTCOM, US Army retired, Hope Is Not A Plan Leading Critical Military Networks

  • Keynote Speaker May 11: Daniel Wallance, McKinsey & Co. Cybersecurity over the Horizon: The Future of Cybersecurity

Click on the image or here to register.


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