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LAB: What happens when you are assigned 2 gateways

Had a client ask me what would happen if you assigned 2 default gateways to a windows 10 client?

My response was “Doesn’t matter what I think, let's find out”. I asked “Why would you ask?” and he replied that a consultant was over the other day and was telling the team that if you assign 2 default gateways to a windows 10 client, the client will use both in a load balancing/round-robin fashion.

I set up 2 routers and created a DHCP scope assigning 2 default gateways and captured some packets.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw that the client only used one of the 2 gateways.

I think the conversation took longer than the actual test. 😊

The moral of the story is “always pay attention to what technical people claim so you can go away and test it out.

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