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Kali - First Capture and File Management

I appreciate all the feedback regarding my last 2 Kali videos.

I have been told that people wanted to try KALI/Wireshark but weren’t too familiar with Linux.

So these videos are geared for those who are new to KALI/WIRESHARK, or if you need a refresher with the basics.

In this video I cover basic Linux file system commands like change directory, create a folder, etc..  then we perform a capture using tshark, open the trace from the command line and then review where the file location configuration is in the Wireshark GUI.

Here are the commands I used:

pwd – print working directory

mkdir – make or create a directory

cd – change directory CASE SENSITIVE

bonus: rm -r directoryname  - remove a directory

ls or dir


From Wireshark GUI

Help-> About for folder location and locate File Dialogs

Edit preferences – Remember …  change to traces folder


From terminal emulator

tshark -i 1 -w trace,pcapng

ping -c 5

ctrl + C  to stop tshark capture

wireshark trace.pcapng  to start Wireshark and trace.pcapng




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