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IP Camera nmap and Connect

Attend the conference with Laura Chappell, Mike Pennachi, Tony Fortunato August 22 - 26, 2022

In this video we review some packets and then I show you how I used nmap to determine what ports are open.

It is becoming more common for vendors to avoid using standard port numbers like 80, 23, 443, etc. when this happens, you might be forced into using the vendors ‘discovery’ or ‘management’ software.

In this example, this camera vendor randomizes the http port number when the camera is configured for DHCP (default). I also noticed that even if I reconfigure the http port number, it still randomizes it as long as dhcp is still enabled.

Configuring a static ip address took care of this issue and now the static http port number is remembered. I thought you would like to read about how I figured out the http port number to access. I reached for another tool in my toolbox; ‘nmap’ ( I use nmap to perform subnet and udp/tcp port scans.



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