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Http ping and tracert ipv6/ipv4 tips

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I am starting to run into more environments where ipv6 is showing up. I must admit most of the time, the client wasn’t aware the impact of having ipv6 enabled on hosts can have. Other times the client intentionally had ipv6 enabled and in use.

Either way, I get asked how to perform some of the most basic troubleshooting when a Windows host has both ipv4 and ipv6 on it. I must admit, that the first time I was asked about this a few years ago, it was stumped until I stopped, took a breath and read the ping and tracert help screen , lol. Accessing a webserver using a ipv6 address took a little bit more digging but well worth it since the same questions come up in my classes and troubleshooting engagements.

In this video I cover how to ping, tracert and http using ipv6 addresses and how to force the usage of ipv4 addresses when using a host name.


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