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How to write a Wireshark tap plugin in Lua (Jason Walls)

"Using packet captures for Wi-Fi troubleshooting is extremely useful and a major reason why native packet capture is included in the top managed wireless network solutions. One of the first things people look for when troubleshooting a crowded network is a list of all of the wireless networks that are transmitting data found in the capture.

This level of Wi-Fi information isn’t native to Wireshark, however. To get features like the Wireless Networks analysis tool in CloudShark to work, QA Cafe created a Wi-Fi Networks plugin for TShark. This plugin inspects the wireless packets in a capture file and prints a list of all the wireless networks found and information about each network. Creating Lua plugins can be very useful to Wireshark and TShark users, and there’s a great community around building them. The Wireshark Developers Guide describes how to write plugins for Wireshark for Lua, but we find examples are useful when writing your own plugins! In this article, Tom Peterson describes how it works so you can use it as an example while creating your own custom plugins for Wireshark/TShark."


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