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How to Setup Wireshark for Troubleshooting and Analysis

Getting started with Wireshark can be overwhelming. There are many options, toolbars, menus and settings that can help when analyzing networks and applications, but which ones should we configure first? Which ones can help when getting started with Wireshark?

In this video we will dig into the top settings every analyst should use when packet digging with Wireshark. We will learn how to setup the time column, a new profile, save a filter button, and adjust some coloring rules. These settings can help us when troubleshooting slow networks, analyzing traffic for security forensics, or learning more about the underlying protocols that underpin the systems that drive our business.

There is a sample trace file that you can download and use to follow along. This Wireshark course will take you through the core functions of the analyzer that will help you get started in making sense of the packets. Let's dig!


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