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How to make a Stop the Bleeding Kit!

Building a STOP the Bleeding Trauma Kit!

By Tim O’Neill

Save a life by learning how to stop or mitigate Arterial and Severe Venal Bleeding!

Plus Learn CPR!

The life you save may be your own or a loved one!

The average commercial Bleeding Trauma Kit costs between $50 and $150.

Easy to build one for your Family and Donate one to your Local First Responders!

How to make a Emergency Life Saving Trauma Kit Video

My personal Goal is to make 500 kits and donate by year end!

Want to help?

Make one or more and donate to your local First Responders!

plus keep one for your emergencies!

Goal - To stop Arterial Bleeding FIRST!

Saving a Life is easy if you are prepared!

Trauma Aid to keep victim alive until EMS can get to scene!

Gun shot and distal trauma injuries can lead to death quickly!

60,000 people die each year from hemorrhagic/ hypovolemic shock!

Another 30,00 have traumatic amputations and ~40% die before EMS care

Injuries that can cause you to bleed to death include:

· gunshot wounds #1

· crush or traumatic amputation of extremity from car accidents..etc

· stab or puncture wounds

· deep cuts or lacerations

Depending on the artery, with some arteries like the Dorsalis Pedis (foot) Artery you'll have a few minutes, but with the Femoral (Leg) , Brachial (Arm) or Carotid (Neck) Artery, one can bleed out fast and lose consciousness in less than a minute and completely bleed out in less than 5 minutes!

Remember the adult heart pumps blood at several liters per minute at high pressure and adult has about 4 or 5 liters of blood and with a loss of 15 +% mean arterial and pulse pressures fall and heart rate increases resulting in more blood loss. A loss of greater than 40% is life threatening and CPR may be needed on top of stopping the bleeding.

Arterial bleeding is easy to recognize – Bright red blood gushing out following the heart pulse. Venial bleeding is more of an oozing and darker in color.

Learn how to save a life from arterial bleeding and learn CPR !

Components of Stop the Bleeding Kit

In order of usage-

Click Here to see Video!

Mollie Pouch

EMS Shear


Two 4 inch Field Dressing

4X4 gauze sponges inside plastic bag

Plastic zip lock bag – Protect Gauze above and can be used to mitigate a sucking Chest Wound along with Vaseline gauze, below.

Vaseline Gauze X 2 for sucking chest wound

Hemostatic - Blood Clot Powder

Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage Gauze Wrap 3"x 5 Yds

Thermal Mylar Emergency Blanket

Need more information - Oldcommguy@gmail

Get Training - Stop the Bleed Team - https://www.stopthebleed.org/

Learn CPR - Check with your local Red Cross!

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