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How to make a Stop the Bleeding Kit!

Updated: Sep 24

Building a "STOP the Bleeding" Trauma Kit!

By Tim O’Neill

Save a life by learning how to stop or mitigate Arterial and Severe Venal Bleeding!

Motto - Save a Life - Change Your Life

The life you save may be your own or a loved one!

The average commercial Bleeding Trauma Kit costs between $60 to $150.

Easy to build one for your Family and Donate one to your Local First Responders!

How to make a Emergency Life Saving Trauma Kit Video

My personal Goal is to make 500 kits and donate to my local First Responders by year end!

Want to help?

Change your life - help First Responders Save lives!

Make one or more and donate to your local First Responders!

plus keep one for your emergencies!

Goal - To stop Arterial Bleeding FIRST!

Saving a Life is easy if you are prepared!

Trauma Aid to keep a victim alive until EMS can get to scene!

Gun shot and distal trauma injuries can lead to death quickly!

100,000+ people die each year from hemorrhagic/ hypovolemic shock!

Another 30,000+ have traumatic amputations and ~40+% die before they enter EMS care!

Injuries that can cause you to bleed to death include:

· gunshot wounds #1

· crush or traumatic amputation of extremity from car accidents..etc

· stab or puncture wounds

· deep cuts or lacerations

Depending on the artery, with some arteries like the Dorsalis Pedis (foot) Artery you'll have a few minutes, but with the Femoral (Leg) , Brachial (Arm) or Carotid (Neck) Artery, one can bleed out fast and lose consciousness in less than a minute and completely bleed out in less than 5 minutes!

Remember the adult heart pumps blood at several liters per minute at high pressure (over 3 PSI) and an adult has about 4 or 5 liters of blood. A loss of 15 +% blood volume loss the mean arterial and pulse pressures fall and heart rate increases resulting in more blood loss and shock. A loss of greater than 40% is life threatening and CPR may be needed on top of stopping the bleeding.

Arterial bleeding is easy to recognize – Bright red blood gushing out following the heart pulse. Venial bleeding is more of an oozing and darker in color.

Basic Steps to stop or mitigate bleeding -

Tourniquet to stop Arterial Bleeding (only for Arterial Wounds)

Direct Pressure on the wound and

Elevation of the extremity

Learn how to save a life from arterial bleeding and learn CPR !


Click Here to see Video!


A "Stop the Bleed" Kit -

Mollie Pouch

Red ChemLight - To see wound and to mark the victim for EMS rescue!

EMS Shear - To get access to the wound

Tourniquet - To stop Arterial Bleeding (only)

Two 4 inch Military Field Dressing -

4X4 gauze sponges

Plastic zip lock bag – Protect Gauze above and can be used to mitigate a sucking Chest Wound along with or without Vaseline gauze,

Vaseline Gauze X 2 for sucking chest wound closure

Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage Gauze Wrap 3"x 5 yards

Thermal Mylar Emergency Blanket

Need more information - Oldcommguy@gmail

Get Training - Stop the Bleed Team - https://www.stopthebleed.org/

Learn CPR - Check with your local Red Cross!

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