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How to Capture from WiFi Devices Using Windows and Wireshark

I get a lot of people asking how to capture packets from their phone, tablet, ip camera and other WiFi connected devices.

When I respond that there are a lot of Wifi capture tools out there, the typical responses are:

- “I don’t want to buy and learn another tool”

- “I don’t have the budget to buy another tool”

Both are valid points, so when I was on site and this came up again, I thought let me try something different.

In the video, I show you how to turn your Windows 10/11 laptop/desktop into a WiFi hotspot.

If successful then all you need to do is to configure the WiFi device to connect to your new SSID and capture the packets using Wireshark.

Just a couple of points worth mentioning again;

- DO NOT configure your Windows device with the same SSID as your production SSID

- You can use Wireshark to capture from your Ethernet or Microsoft Virtual WiFi driver. If you choose your WiFi driver, on some systems, you might break your WiFi/SSID.


Author Bio – Tony Fortunato, Network Performance Specialist

Tony Fortunato is a network performance expert who has been designing, implementing, and troubleshooting networks since 1989.

His company, The Technology Firm, provides clients of all sizes with services ranging from project management, network design, consulting, troubleshooting, custom-designed training courses, as well as assisting with equipment installation.

Tony has taught and presented at numerous colleges and universities, public forums, and hundreds of private classes since 1990.



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