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Getting Cisco and Ubiquiti To Place Nice

As part of my project, I have to ensure that the Ubiquiti router, access points and Cisco switch all work properly together.

The concern raised was ensuring that the Ubiquiti access points’ multiple SSIDS/VLANS work with a Cisco switch.  The client was a bit technical and read online that this wasn’t easy and told me that he wouldn’t be surprised if I ran into issues.

The advantage I have with this build is that the client purchased new access points, router and had 2 Cisco spare switches I can use to test with. I picked up all the hardware and preconfigured the equipment in my lab.

I was excited to play with the Ubiquiti router since the software has had considerable changes since I last saw it a few years ago. I liked the router had the wireless controller software built in.

Of course, as soon as I powered up the router and logged in, Ubiquiti had a few upgrades to perform which went well had no issues.

The first test was to directly connect the access point to the router and ensure the router configuration worked well.  Then I connected the router and access point to the switch with only one vlan and all went well.

Things got a little bumpy when I configured 3 SSIDs/VLANs on the access point, switch and router but eventually figured it out. I have to confess some of it was self-inflicted with the odd typo and not refencing my notes because I swore, I knew better.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you want to see more posts about my project.



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