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Free Webinar May 27- Reasons why: Applications Fail to Meet Customer Expectations!

4 Big Reasons Applications Fail to Meet Customer Expectations!

Many diverse applications are being developed, enhanced and launched every day from mobile banking, retail e-commerce, or CRM SaaS apps, to video streaming services and IOT (IIoT), or even military defense systems using satellite technology! - What makes some successful while others fail?

- What are the true risks and costs of not getting it right before launching to your customers?

Leading Experts Say: Fixing performance issues in the field can be a 100 times more costly than finding and eliminating problems early !

In this discussion we’ll share: • Four ways to ensure your application is ready for the real world • Real life use cases from enterprise companies • How to find trouble points early in the development and testing cycle • Ways to improve end user experience

Register Free - May 27, 2020 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Click Here to Register!

Join application performance engineering experts Scott Moore & Cade Nelson as they share what they’ve learned about developing and deploying applications from interacting with hundreds of leading companies worldwide.


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