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Free : The Definitive Guide to Application Dependency Mapping!

The Guide to Application Dependency Mapping

Application Dependency Mapping is the process of tracking relationships and dependencies between IT components such as Servers, Networks, Storage, and Applications that comprise any given IT service. Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) improves IT efficiencies in terms of troubleshooting performance and cyber threat/vulnerability challenges and enables IT teams to assess the risk or impact of a change to a component or service prior to making it, understand downstream impacts of problems as well as use it for planning strategic projects. Read this white paper to understand about all the use cases of ADM, including:

  • Asset - Management & Audits

  • Identifying - Root-cause for Application Disruptions and performance slowdowns

  • Disaster - Recovery Planning

  • Assessments - Before migrating to the Cloud

  • Assessments - Data Center Consolidation

  • Knowing - Do you need to fix your on-premise problems or - purchase more resources in the Public Cloud

  • Reduce - Technical Debt by identifying and eliminating redundancies or unused hardware

  • Change - Control Monitoring

  • Maintaining - a strong security posture for your deployment and reducing risks

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