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Free - Migrate and Consolidate Data Centers with Confidence - May 6, 2020; 10 am PST

Free Webinar - Uila Webinar: Migrate and Consolidate Data Centers with Confidence; May 6, 2020; 10 am PST

Register Here -Topic: Migrate and Consolidate Data Centers with Confidence May 6, 2020; 10 am PST There are a number of reasons why organizations look towards a strategy of moving some, if not all of their critical application workloads to the Public Cloud. The reasons behind this move could be for implementing an efficient and cost-effective way to scale the organization based on your requirements. At the same time, some organizations could also be consolidating Data Centers as part of strategic cost-cutting requirements or organizational changes. Both these scenarios are real and in our face in today's challenging environment.  But you may have some critical questions in your mind as you define this strategy and make the actual move:

  • How do I know what applications workloads are running?

  • If I am re-architecting, am I making the right choice? 

  • What will be the expected costs of running the workloads in the cloud? 

  • What compute resources do I need to assign to the workload when it runs in the cloud or in the new data center? 

  • What assets can be retired and not migrated? 

  • Did I get the expected performance after the migration? Do i have to roll-back (I hope not!!!)?

So many questions that need answers, and if you are unsure of how to get started, join us for a free and super-informative webinar.  

In this webinar, we will talk about:  How to perform a fast and accurate pre-migration assessment

  • How to validate success at every stage of the migration

  • How to validate the performance after the migration

Each session includes discussions on the topic , followed up by a hands-on demonstration of how Uila solves the challenge and ending with a Q&A session with the entire audience. 


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