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"Boo" Wins a Full Seat To CoreitPros Conference...With his Human- Kelly!! Plus some Kitty Friends!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The CoreItPros Conference starts on August 22nd.

Do not miss this Network Technology Technology Conference and Learning event!

Learn from the Best of the Best -

Laura Chappell, Mike Pennacchi and Tony Fortunato!

The winner - Boo !

Boo - Yes I want to attend CorItPros event with my human Kelly - I am a Cyber Cat!

Dandelion - Is too busy with her 9 Kittens to take care of!

Boo's other Sister Dahlia - she is stuck in taped box on the floor!!

Not a Cyber Kitty!

Sir Churchill - Tony's Master -

Laura's Tech Team -

Pyra - Laura's Network Helper

with Marlowe - Just Marlowe below

Rambo - Tim's Helper

Dan's helpers -

Husky and Suede - Do Not mess with my Tail or Network!!!

Betty's Helper - Emmie

Boo (with his Human) gets to spend 4 full days of Training from Top Industry Leaders - Laura, Mike and Tony!

Plus we got some super cool Kitty Pictures !!!!!!

All Be Well, Safe and Healthy and Join us with the CoreITPros Conference and gain more tools for your Network Diagnostics and performance Tool Set!!!! LEARN Lots.

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