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For Cryin Out Loud, DOCUMENT!!

When I walk into a client site, I assume they either don’t have documentation, or it's not current and I would say that assumption is usually 90% correct.

Trust me, I totally understand, documentation is really tough to keep up to date since many people and departments ‘touch’ equipment. When I say ‘touch’ I mean physically and remotely.

Over time, changes and troubleshooting cause a cable to get move, a config gets tweaked and after a few years, this amounts to many small changes that gets hard to dig out from.

In this quick video, I suggest something simple when making physical changes, a simple photo. The photo could be of a rack, a room or equipment. After you take the photo, make a folder with the name of whatever is in the photo is and name the photo the date as the prefix.

For example, 2023_09_28_Router6.jpg would be a photo of Router6 September 28, 2023.

If you want to take the next step, you could simply put the images in a word doc, PowerPoint, or webpage as a reference.

I find if the process isn’t time-consuming, technicians are more likely to do it, and everyone has their phones with them.



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