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Example: Application Comparison/Baselining

There are many different terms I use to cover ‘Application Baselines”, such as ‘Profile’, ‘snapshot’ and many other synonyms.

As I mention in the video, you can do this exercise anytime with any application. Some applications are straightforward to figure out since you see a Write or Read command decoded by your protocol analyzer of choice. While others might not be as easy and you need to pay attention to other tip off’s like the sender using the TCP PSH bit at the end of the Writes/Reads as well as the direction of traffic flow.

The network/server gets included in this analysis as well since you are looking at the packet level. Things to look out for are things like retransmissions, lost packets or large latency values.

This simple exercise really opens your eyes as to how the network, server, application and protocol come together to make things work.


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